Afterlife : There is a Token for that

Nowadays, solution to every problem or a solution in search of problem is an answer to the question “Is there a (Crypto) Token for that?”

Diversity Token

There is a diversity token (website)

Religious Token

You can earn Karma Tokens and disrupt religion at the same time.

The proposed community is called the “Lotos Network,” and the creators want it to be a “global monastery” that uses its own cryptocurrency, called “Karma Tokens,” that community members can earn by meditating and teaching.

Lotos is an idea for an entire Buddhist community built within Ethereum. By establishing a transparent spiritual community based on blockchain, the creators hope to largely eliminate corruption and charlatanism. They say the community could make teachings and practice more accessible, sustainable, and measurable.

What’s ironic about the aforementioned network is that it will be built over Ethereum blockchain. So religion of buddhism will be disrupted… wait for it… at the altar of Church of Vitalik

Peace Token

Then there is this Ananas token (which I think is satire but then you can never be sure with these things)

Ananas to build a token/currency for the platform, Anacoin, with unique properties that should allow us to build and scale the platform based on proof of social proof (PSOP).

But Ananas token blogpost is one of the most professional whitepaper I have seen wherein it is chock full of technical buzzwords while at the same time avoiding all the terms that can result in SEC classifying the tokens as security.

Disruption for disruption’s sake Token

Which leads us to the news that SEC has suspended trading in the First Bitcoin Capital Corp yesterday citing concerns about accuracy of its reported assets among other things.

You have to read the shareholder letter following the SEC decision to read the shit the company is espousing but here are some highlights.

  • The good news is that while our shares have been suspended for 10 business days, our internal growth will continue unabated. In fact, the phenomenal success in the growth of our market cap (gaining 6000% in 2017 according to a Dow news release) has had no impact on our internal growth.
  • The reason we have been able to succeed without external funding is due to the fact that we early learned how to develop crypto assets on a shoe string, so to speak. This also resulted in our being able to pay off our debt which was owed to management with one of our created crypto currencies.
  • We have been very busy generating more than 100 unique cryptocurrencies ranging from disrupting the air-miles-loyalty industry to providing solutions to the cannabis industry. One of the beautiful aspect to our business model is the transparency that blockchain provides.

Afterlife Token

Combining the elements of all of the above tokens, there is a need for launching “Thawab-e-Darain” token. Since the blockchain works on a consensus, the token will be earned by Islamic community centres on the blockchain if they come to consensus on such contentious issues as sighting of the moon at the beginning of month of Ramadan, Shawwal and Zulhajjah or agreeing on the Zawaal time for Zuhr prayer in western countries etc. This token (exchanged for real world money or not) can be used towards getting providing sharia compliant loans, settlement of sharia compliant smart contracts, or helping the Muslim community in general thus leading to rewards in the Afterlife. It can also be used to disrupt the Islamic Finance industry by taking the power away from greedy Islamic bankers who are essentially mimicking conventional banking products and entrusting it in blockchain trusted community centres. Consensus model will ensure that only those financing products will be issued and gain acceptance which the community believes will benefit all. I can write a whitepaper on it bringing in all the buzzwords and working in a Proof of Glad Tidings but not all announced token sales have had a whitepaper issued.